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National Consultant for quality assurance of child rights monitoring interventions at sub-national levels

Employer UNICEF

Information on vacancy
Period of publication 12.01.2017 - 26.01.2017
Field of activity /
Duties National consultant for quality assurance of child rights monitoring interventions at sub-national levels.


The Concluding observations (2013) of the Committee on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) recommended establishing the body at the inter-ministerial level to coordinate all activities related to implementation of the Convention; and improving the data collection system for assessing progress and for designing policies and programmes to implement the CRC. At the same time, the Committee welcomed the progress on adoption of National Plan of Action and Regional Plans of Action on child wellbeing, as well as the establishment of Inter-sectorial Working Groups (IWGs) to oversee the implementation and monitoring of the CRC. However, in order to enhance the effectiveness, the Committee recommended, in addition to adopting regional plans, to ensure that they correspond to specific needs at local levels and integrate priorities related to children from all other sectorial and regional plans, with particular attention to ensuring effective implementation in rural areas.

In 2014-2015 UNICEF established successful partnerships with the local governments and NGOs in Republic of Karakalpakstan, Khorezm, Fergana and Jizzakh regions on identification of bottlenecks and barriers for realization of child rights. The partnerships focused on strengthening the capacity of the Intersectoral Working Groups (IWGs) and the Monitoring Groups (MGs) on child wellbeing, the latter were established from technical level representatives of IWGs to coordinate and lead the process of monitoring and reporting on priority child wellbeing issues.

Within Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) 2016-2020, Child Rights Monitoring (CRM) is positioned under the Child Protection programme component, however it strategically serves as a crosscutting area to achieve UNICEF's CPAP focusing on the application of the CRC through advocacy, capacity building and partnerships with national and regional governments, as well as NGOs. It also focuses on strengthening the inter-sectoral linkages so that decision-making on children is increasingly based on data, which is timely, reliable and sufficiently disaggregated and thus, enables the identification of the most vulnerable children and forms the basis for policy dialogue for child rights and equity among policymakers. Within Multi-year Work Plan for 2016-2017, at sub-national level, IWGs and MGs will be monitoring the situation of child wellbeing in priority areas selected by the local government administration to expose the situation and develop policy recommendations and advocacy messages specifically on children with disabilities and single mothers.

The capacity building and partnerships with national and regional governments, as well as NGOs was prioritized within CPAP 2016-2020 and identified as essential for regional development and planning. UNICEF will provide technical assistance to ensure the effectiveness of local development programs and plans on selected priority issues of child wellbeing which can be achieved through enhancing the coordination of government agencies and NGOs as well as improving the design and implementation of public policies. As a result, success of those policies and programs depends on the level of coordination, regular monitoring and the quality of evidence provided to decision makers. As part of CRM programme at sub-national levels, IWGs and MGs will be conducting monitoring on the situation of CWD and single mothers as part of the modelling of gatekeeping and referral mechanisms, finally developing policy level recommendations and advocacy messages through child focused reviews for promoting child rights agenda at all levels and sectors.

Purpose of the assignment:

Within MYWP 2016-2017, the Child Rights Monitoring will step up efforts to strengthen the synergy with other UNICEF programme components, including on child protection. It will support Government and CSOs in implementation of the concluding observations of the CRC Committee by strengthening national capacities for monitoring, identifying and reporting on child rights implementation. It will provide technical assistance to key actors in charge of the oversight of national and subnational plans and facilitate evidence based decision making of local government.

In view of the above UNICEF is seeking the services of national consultant for quality assurance of child rights monitoring interventions at sub-national levels. The consultant will also facilitate the implementation process and documentation of CRM project activities, including teamwork approach and capacity building on child rights monitoring interventions in priority regions.

Objectives related to consultancy:

The objectives of consultancy are focused on the provision of technical assistance in the following:

1. Capacity building and quality assurance before and during child rights monitoring interventions at regional and district levels.
2. Documentation of progress and lessons learned of previous and current CRM interventions at regional and district levels.

Scope and focus of study/research:

The proposed child rights monitoring interventions will be conducted in four regions. In Fergana on situation of single mothers and their children and in Republic of Karakalpakstan, Khorezm and Jizzakh regions on situation of children with disabilities. The scope and focus will include the analysis of the current situation around the CRC clusters such as the right to survival and development; the right to education and development; the right to social and child protection and adequate living standards.

The evidence produced as a result of monitoring will be important while working towards a fair chance for the most disadvantaged children as it starts with figuring out who they are, what are their needs, and how to get to them including the analysis of the bottlenecks and barriers for access to services. The findings will be derived from regularly gathered administrative records and other monitoring tools, data will provide a foundation for monitoring the situation of children and making decisions that improve their lives. The programme will facilitate enabling public discourse on child wellbeing at national and regional levels that is rooted in an equity-focused approach to decision making and policy planning. At the same time building partnerships with regional khokimiyats and NGOs in child rights implementation and monitoring of national programmes.

Ethical Considerations (see Ethical Checklist):
Ethical concerns will be one of the important elements in determining the research and monitoring methods. The consultant is expected to adhere to UNICEF procedure for ethical standards in research, evaluation, data collection and analysis and address any ethical issues in research proposals and reports.

In addition to ethical considerations, the methodology should be based on core principles of the CRC and the CRPD. In addition, specific capacity building will be provided on ethical standards for MG/IWG as well as ensuring ethical considerations with stakeholders before any data collection. Finally, the methodology also should include special part on obtaining and documenting consent of respondents, including on-going consent.


- To provide technical support in development of monitoring protocol template based on the RBM and HRBA principles.
- Under the guidance of IWG to conduct series of training to build the capacity of Monitoring Groups in using monitoring tools and methodology of analysis and reporting, including RBM.
- Develop the review and assessment guides and standardize to include both the interviewing and capacity building manuals and modules. In addition, provide guidance and inputs to MG in focus groups guides, questionnaires, manuals, modules, partner's progress reports, datasets, Power Point Presentations, training reports throughout the process.
- Assist and facilitate data collection and analysis process and ensure quality assurance mechanism at each stage.
- To provide inputs in the process of data analysis, writing reports addressing the findings of data analysis and further documentation of interventions.
- Participate and prepare minutes of meetings in technical situational analysis validation meetings of Monitoring Group at regional level and conduct additional orientation workshops as required
- Document the lessons learned of CRM interventions at sub-national level within MYWP, challenges and best practices.


- The format of protocol templates for sub-national child rights monitoring interventions.
Research tools, methodology, training agenda, presentations.
- Developed and standardized in-depth interview and focus groups guides, questionnaires, manuals, modules, partner's progress reports, datasets, Power Point Presentations, training reports
- Field monitoring reports on the process of data collection and analysis. Follow up recommendations and minutes of meetings of orientation sessions with Monitoring Groups
CRM related reports.
- Minutes of meetings, workshop agenda and presentations
- Documented CRM interventions, findings, lessons learned and challenges at regional and district levels.


The national consultant will work under supervision of UNICEF's Chief of Child Protection section, in collaboration of UCO Programme sections, and in partnership with the regional CRM consultant.

Resource requirements:

The total contract period for the consultant is 9 months over the period from February 2017 Ц October 2017, with possible extension which is subject to successful performance. The final fees will be set up based on the "best value for money" principle. Payment will be processed on a monthly basis upon submission of specified deliverables.
Requirements to the candidate
Age: n/a
Gender: Irrelevant
Residence: n/a
Education: Higher
Professional requirements Required qualifications and areas of expertise

Х University degree in social science and humanities;
Х Knowledge of Results Based Management verified through previous work experience.
Х Minimum three years of experience in the management of quantitative and qualitative studies and documentation of the findings, verified through previous work experience;
Х At least three years of experience in conducting training and coaching sessions in the areas listed in the objectives, coaching/training experience at the regional level with local government administration and NGOs on results based management is requirement;
Х Experience working with international organizations, specifically with UNICEF is an asset;
Х Thorough knowledge of MS Office;
Х Ability to work under pressure, under minimal supervision and ability to meet deadlines;
Х Good knowledge of Uzbek and Russian. Knowledge of English is an asset.

Procedures and Working Conditions:

It is an office-based consultancy with travel within selected regions of Uzbekistan. Expenses related to travel will be paid separately by UNICEF according to UNICEF procedures (terminal, DSA, transportation). UNICEF undertakes no liability for taxes, duty or other contribution payable by the consultant on payments made under this contract.


UNICEF reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if deliverable(s) incomplete, not finalized or for failure to meet deadlines. UNICEF will reserve copy right of all developed materials and own primary data collected through this assignment. The materials cannot be published or disseminated without prior written permission of UNICEF. UNICEF will be free to adapt and modify them in the future. The contractor must respect the confidentiality of the information handled during the assignment. Documents and information provided must be used only for the tasks related to these terms of reference.
Working conditions
Region Tashkent
Employment Full
Salary offered n/a
Additional information
Additional information: Closing date for Applications:

The application should include a Cover Letter, a current CV and P11 form, expected fee for the consultancy service, names and contact details of professional or academic referees. Applications should be submitted in a sealed envelope by close of business on 26 January 2017 to the attention of HR Assistant, UNICEF Office, 16, Sharof Rashidov Street, Tashkent. Only those who are short-listed for interviews will be notified.

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